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New and Coming Soon
Samuel Beckett's Collected Poems (Grove Press)
Jeffrey Condran's Prague Summer (Counterpoint Press)
David Guterson's Problems with People (Knopf)
Irving Howe's A Voice Still Heard (Yale University Press)
Charles Johnson's Taming the Ox (Shambala)
Benjamin Kaplan's Cunegonde's Kidnapping (Yale University Press)
John Lahr's Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimmage of the Flesh (W.W. Norton)
Ian McEwan's The Children Act (Nan Talese)
2014 Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano's Suspended Sentences: Three Novellas (Yale University Press)
Jack Miles's Norton Book of Religious Texts (W.W. Norton)
Sherona Muir's Invisible Beasts (Bellevue Press)
Elissa Sussman's Stray (HarperCollins)

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